Leaflet on UNITED List of Refugee Deaths

Published on 18 June 2024

Cover of the leaflet on UNITED List of Refugees Deaths

Considering the growing challenges in addressing the migration policies that characterise the “Fortress Europe” and the constant worsening of refugees and migrants condition in many countries, we thought it was useful the refresh the memory of the work behind our List of Refugee Deaths, considering it has now reached 60.620 entries, meaning that 60.620 lives have been lost forever, 60.620 people have no more future.

For this reason we’re here once again to scream out loud #nomoredeaths and to advocate for changing the Fatal policies of Fortress Europe that cause so much death, following what we did in last year’s campaign  to raise awareness on the list and how to use it and to commemorate this year #WorldRefugeeDay by publishing a new informative leaflet.

As usual you’re welcome to download our publication and to use it for your own action, but don’t forget to keep in touch and let us know how can we support you.

#stayunited and #nomoredeaths


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