GRAMNet & BEMIS Film Series 2015/16

Participation fee: freeThe following films will be shown, accompanied by forums and Q&A for everyone to share their views and thoughts in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. – Transit Zone – If I Were You The 2015/2016 Film Series is organised in partnership between GRAMNet (Glasgow Refugee and Asylum Network) and BEMIS Scotland. The aim… Read more »

Migration, Gender and Sexuality: Negotiating Health, Wellbeing and Belonging

The aim of this seminar is to explore the intersections of gender, sexuality, migration and health and wellbeing. We see health and wellbeing as including experiences of physical and mental health, but also as related to wider understandings of security, belonging and rights. This seminar will feature presentations by researchers and practitioners who work in… Read more »

Call me by my name: Stories from Calais and beyond

Call me by my name: stories from Calais and beyond is a multimedia exhibition, taking place in a momentous month that sees both the EU referendum and Refugee Week. It explores the complexity and human stories behind the current migration crisis, with a particular focus on the Calais camp.The exhibition features compelling works by established… Read more »

Afghan Hazaras’ Responses to the Asylum Seeker Debate in the Australian Media

This presentation is based on the preliminary findings of a research project into the intersection between dominant and marginalised Australian narratives on asylum. The background to this research project is the observation that the issue of asylum is highly politicised in Australia and dominated by the two major political parties and mainstream media while asylum… Read more »

XXXI. 2016 Black International Cinema Berlin

The festival focuses on presenting works of an artistic, cultural or political nature coinciding with the general educational, social, artistic and economic interest of people from Africa, the African Diaspora and people with an interest in participating in intercultural communication and the resultant interfacing and sharing of educational, social, artistic and economic resources.Furthermore, Black International… Read more »

The Rights of Uyghur Refugees: Past & Present Challenges

The conference focuses on the plight of Uyghurs who fled and are continuing to flee China. The event brings together a great number of academics, experts, activists and members of civil society to discuss the issue and its underlying causes.

Moving Stories: Narratives of Migration Crossing Europe

Together with partner organisations all over Europe, UNITED for Intercultural Action is organising an international conference to bring together around 70 network activists from all over Europe to discuss the issues around narrative of migration in Europe, share their best practices and learn about new tools to deconstruct narratives and promote their own, positive visions… Read more »

Rethinking detention in Europe. What are the alternatives?

The current refugee crisis and the necessity to manage and reduce the flows into the EU has generated a range of EU policy, legislative and operational responses. The implementation of new approaches in an emergency context, like the establishment of “hotspots” and the EU-Turkey agreement, have both raised concerns about the use of detention as… Read more »

Music Across Borders

The evening starts with a documentary on Katrina Suwalski’s ‘Another World Band’ Ghana Tour 2015 capturing her collaboration with some of Ghana’s finest musical ambassadors Nii Ayi Solomon, Odomankoma Okyerema Pra and Tina Elivava Mensah. It treats music as a language within the context of migration and multilingual cultures across the borders the body, language… Read more »