Public Launch of EU election Campaign

Public Launch of EU election Campaign:  Your Vote can Divide or Your Vote can Unite calls to foster democracy /Keeping racist politicians and parties out of the EU parliament

Polis Art Cafe, Athens, Greece

10th April 2014


At 11am on the 10th of April the `Your Vote can Unite` campaign will be launched at Polis Art Cafe. The Event will bring together the Mayor of Athens, George Kaminis, 94 leaders of   organizations from 35 different countries and other honourable guests. During the event the main activities of the campaign will be presented. Followed by a panel discussion on ‘EU elections and minority rights’ The Launch and panel discussion will be hosted/presented by journalist Marilena Kazini.


Ralph du Long (UNITED for Intercultural Action)

“It is an important moment for Greece and the whole EU to choose. To strengthen democracy, or to destroy and divide it. Greece is not alone, the EU is facing the same challenges and it is a historical moment to see whether the whole EU will vote for a united society”, – says one of the initiators of the anti-racism campaign ‘Your vote can Unite’, Ralph du Long.

The EU election has on occasion raised the need for this campaign. The elections come in the middle of a crisis that struck Europe hard. Across the continent people are losing their jobs, losing their income, and losing their hopes. These are circumstances some political parties and movements are taking advantage of. Across Europe populists are manipulating peoples’ fears and prejudices to build support for their dividing policies. Inciting hatred against unpopular social groups is a classic strategy to gain visibility and garner votes, especially in times of economic crisis.

The initiators of the campaign call for society to choose candidates responsibly. “Many people all over the EU do not want parties that spread hate and poison society. A society which supports the racism agenda is divisive, unsafe and weaker for every one of us. A fragmented society raises suspicion among its members; a society where no one feels safe”,- argues Ralph du Long.

In order to support society in the election process, campaign activists will address people directly in neighbourhoods, door-to-door, and invite people to vote for unity. The campaign shows particular promise for France, Greece, Italy and Hungary (the main target countries), where there is hope for  many innovative aspects and positive surprises. It intends to reach suburbs and areas which are usually forgotten.

This campaign is a cooperation between The European Network Against Racism (ENAR), HOPE not Hate and UNITED for Intercultural Action.

For more information, please, contact Ralph du Long: e- mail.:, ph. no +31652314091


Claire Fernandez (European Network Against Racism)
Ralph du Long giving a present to Yiorgos Kaminis, Mayor of Athens