Many long-term volunteers supported the UNITED secretariat:

Friedi, Leon, Robert, Barbara, Fernanda, Benni, Henning, Mirjam, Kathy, Sevil, Sarah, Franziska, Pia, Hannah, Femke, Ruken, Luca, Till, Florian, Bernhard, Berni, Wolfi, Vinnie, Georg, Christoph, Martin, Michael, Peter, Niki, Lukas, Angelo, Ana, Nesjo, Miro, Deo, Tanya W., Tanja V., Natasja S., Anca, Julia, Camelia, Ksenia, Maria, Natasha D., Anne,  Tanya M., Marina, Anastasia, Alba, Tom, Sara, Federico, Fede V., Nora, Ira, Fred, Virgile, Christiane, Bobo, Margot, Stefano, Paola, Roberta, Imane, Andrea, Eleonora, Joe, Florin, Justas, Till, Mira, Catherine, Iro, Jonathan, Matleena, Chris, Lara, Gabriela, Barbara, Fernanda, Federica, Clara, Fred, Özlem, Lexi, Laurentia, Nilla, Cami, Stephan, Dominique, Karolina, Mahmoud, Eigirdas, Ilaria, Sacha, Mher, Jaerin, Shipli, Fruzsi, Maria, Emma B., Emő, Emma S., Ricardo, Veronika, Federica, Timur.

Their stay in Amsterdam and/or in Budapest has been made possible thanks to support of:

Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste
Auguststrasse 80, D-10117 Berlin
phone +49-30-28395184 / fax +49-30-28395135

Austrian Memorial Service – Österreichischer Auslandsdienst
Hutterweg 6, A-6020 Innsbruck
phone/fax +43-512-291087

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice – Mobility & Placement
G.B. Giustinian
Dorsoduro 1453, I-30123 Venezia
phone +39-041-2347565 / fax +39-041-2347567

The United Euro Bridge
17 Nevern Road, GB- London SW5 9PQ
phone +44-20-73733101 / fax +44-20-73733101

The European Union EVS and Leonardo programme , the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (financial support) and Woningbouwvereniging het Oosten and Stichting DUWO (housing support)


Internship opportunity in Budapest Secretariat

The UNITED Secretariat is happy to offer limited internship positions in its Budapest office on an ongoing basis (see responsibilities below). 

Reminder: this is an unpaid internship! We cannot provide any allowance but we reimburse your monthly public transport pass if you’d move to Budapest.

The main focus of which can be specified during the selection process. How to apply?

Fill the Form on this page, and send your CV and short motivation letter to: internship@unitedagainstracism.org

Part time and remote applicants will also be considered

Campaign and Social Media Assistant

The Budapest Secretariat is offering a Campaign and Social Media Assistant internship opportunity for the period for 2023. (see responsibilities below)

How to apply? Please send your CV and motivational letter to internship@unitedagainstracism.org and fill the Form on the Website and mention in your motivation: “Campaign Assistant Internship”.

Part time and remote applicants will also be considered

The UNITED Secretariat in Amsterdam currently has open positions for Hybrid Internships only! 

Indicate your choice in the motivational part of the Form!

 Click here: Form!


What are the responsibilities of an Intern at UNITED? 


Main responsibilities:

  • Keeping contact with the network of more than 500 organisations
  • Contributing to the design and implementation of campaigns
  • Creating visuals for campaigns
  • Co-organizing the annual conferences
  • Carrying out research in other ongoing projects
  • Communication and social media management tasks

Duration: minimum 3 months, preferably 6-12 months.

Financial conditions: the internship is an unpaid position, however, there is a possibility to request contribution to food and local transport.

Internships at UNITED are on an on-going basis and are offered throughout the year, there is no deadline for sending your application.

Part-time and full-time applications will be both considered.


Campaign and Social Media Assistant

Your challenge will be:

  • Assist in our campaign development process to design, implement, and assist UNITED campaigns on diversity, migration policies, anti-fascism and human rights
  • Assist in content development, assist in our press and social media objectives,  e-mail campaigns, providing our supporters and partners with the most recent updates and campaign information,
  • Stimulate activities and communication with the network and our partners,
  • Assist in creation of visual content and delivery,
  • Test campaigns and ensure emails are consistent and correct,
  • Assist with reporting and results analysis,
  • Assist in optimization of our templates.

You are best if:

  • You are enrolled in a Bachelor or Master with a focus on Communication or Marketing or finished it already (desired, but not mandatory)
  • You are fluent in English
  • You are familiar with Office and some graphic design program of your choice
  • You have some HTML/Wordpress skills
  • You have strong affinity with campaigns and a genuine interest in digital marketing


Unfortunately the internship is an unpaid position, however, we can contribute towards food and transport costs, and assist with finding a place to stay.

The opportunity is for 2023.

Part-time and full-time applications will be both considered. Remote applicants will also be considered!