Why become a supporter?

UNITED for Intercultural Action is a network of more than 550 organizations from 48 European countries and we work together to support the antiracist, antidiscrimination vision – to speak out against nationalism and fascism, and in support of migrants and refugees.

UNITED coordinates campaigns, organizes conferences, takes part in projects, produces publications and undertakes advocacy work to protest against discrimination and promote our shared vision for a diverse and inclusive society. Supporters get the benefits of our work and more.

The network provides an exchange-platform for organizations to get connected and share expertise. Common campaigns, cross-border projects and international gatherings translate the network’s power into concrete action. UNITED produces and provides free campaign material & networking tools and coordinates international campaigns & projects. By joining the network, all of it is up for grabs.

UNITED will always remain independent of any political party or government institute and that’s why UNITED depends on financial support from a wide range of sources such as supporting NGO’s, companies or individuals.

Are you still wondering if you or your organization is a good fit to join the network?

  • If you share values such as human rights, diversity and intercultural respect
  • If you want to know more about human rights issues and situation in Europe
  • If you are looking opportunities to network and gather knowledge, contacts, new opportunities
  • If you are expert in your field and you desire to contribute to our mission
  • if you support the vision of more inclusive and hate free Europe

If any of these fit, we encourage you to get connected!

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