EU Parliament elections, May 2014

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by Ralph du Long

We’re running a campaign. It’s about, or rather, against racism in the European Parliament elections. We ask you to use your voting rights.

In the next days the EU, elects a new parliament. There are many choices voters have to make. The main one, from our perspective, is: do we want a more united Europe, or a more divided one.

It is the question that has been on the table, since the rise of far-right, populist parties in the nineties. When the FPO won its first elections in Austria. That was a shock to the European community. From all over the EU protesters travelled to Vienna.

But the protesters left and in other countries similar parties (and more radical ones) took the stage. Only growing in strength. Only bashing more and more on minorites, migrants and other vulnerable groups. Only spreading more hate.

Whatever the reasons for this, the next days will decide if the EU parliament will reflect what has already happened in many member states.

Here is what you can do. If you have EP candidates using hate speech, you can submit a report, here at the No Hate Movement. Just click the Hate Speech Watch button and submit a report.

And here is what you definitely should do. Our campaign is called “Your vote can Unite’. It concentrates on Hungary, Greece, France and Italy but is not limited to these countries. We call upon voters not to leave their votes unused. We ask you: whatever you may feel about the EU, don’t stay home, use your vote. It is the only way to block the growing influence of far-right, racist parties.

Visit our facebook page to see what activities there are in Hungary, Greece, France and Italy. Watch young migrants born or/and raised in Greece, who want to vote but they cannot as they have no citizenship, therefore no political rights’. Listen to the message of the mayor of Athens. Listen to the Kakucs Roma community asking you to vote.

Here’s three things you can do to help us , help keeping racist parties out of the parliament, help stopping more hate: 1) like our page, 2) use our logo as your profile picture in the next days and: 3) share and spread the message and vote, vote, vote.

Campaign by ENAR, Hope not Hate, UNITED For Intercultural Action, in cooperation with Les Indivisibles (France), Subjective Values (Hungary), Generation 2.0 (Greece) and Centro d’Iniziativa per l’Europa del Piemonte (Italy).