On the streets for Europe – Campaigning in France

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by Mariquian Huimars

Saturday was a sunny day and a delightful one at that. After weeks of working non-stop on our first edition of Indi News, an edition dedicated to the European elections, Les Indivisibles walked the streets of Montreuil, or more exactly the surroundings of one of its market as well as the marketplace.

Les Indivisibles was created in response to the growing racism in the media and in France in general. We advocate racial and religious equality, and solidarity to contribute to a more inclusive society, while using humor and irony in monitoring the media.

Logically we joined the campaign Your Vote Can Unite in order to raise awareness regarding the EU elections. The same way we advocate for equality and solidarity, the same way our goal is to inform about the stakes of policies that affects minorities. In the spirit of the No Hate Speech movement, we were part of the campaign Arrêtez d’être that touches upon what it means to be left out and discriminated against whether we are Black, Muslim, Roma, differently-abled, women or do not have the right to vote, and so on. But most importantly, these two campaigns aim at keeping the pressure on politicians. To hold them accountable for their electoral promises and to have them work towards a unified society and a less divided Europe.

It was remarkable how people grabbed Indi News and shared their thoughts on the current state of France and Europe. They simply were willing to learn more. They stopped, laughed with us and took some time out to talk politics on a sunny Saturday.

Most of them understood then, to vote is a powerful tool and the importance of uniting as Europeans.

Contact us by sending an email to: france@yourvotecanunite.eu