14-22 March 2015 European-wide Action Week Against Racism

Hand in Hand for Diversity!


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It enriches our cultures, our societies, our economies. It drives us to think broader and respect our differences. Diversity has the power to make society better. That’s why we say: Lets stand hand in hand for diversity!


You can change the situation in Europe!

Europe today is facing many different forms of racism, xenophobia, anti-migrant and anti-minority attitude resulting in exclusion, hate speech, and in extreme cases in hate crimes. Most worrying is the continuous rise all over Europe of racist and extreme right political movements and -parties as well as the more and more discriminatory discourse used by mainstream political parties. Racism is not just an isolated act, but part of a collective, continuing system of social relations. It is not always easy to see; sometimes we need each other to point discrimination out to us.

Every year around 21 March, the UNITED network coordinates the European Action Week Against Racism, we ask NGOs, community organisations, schools, local municipalities – and you – to join in this campaign with your own activity against racism and for diversity. Everybody can give a valuable contribution to the Action Week. Being active against racism does not necessarily require large organisational capacities, big budgets or years of experience – in fact, even the smallest event can make a big difference, and all that is needed from you is creativity and the will to act.


Join the Campaign

Whether you seek more inspiration, look for potential partners or need various sorts of campaigning materials, UNITED can help you.

– On the European Action Week Against Racism website (WeekAgainstRacism.eu) we have published information on how to ‘Get Active!’. You can also gain inspiration by checking previous campaign reports and become inspired by good practices.
– On our Facebook UnitedActionWeek page you can also find relevant news from the previous campaign.
– You can order FREE campaign material (up to 2kg): posters, postcards and stickers. See our latest campaign material! If you need more material for special purposes, do not hesitate to contact the UNITED campaign team.
– You can order or download a wide variety of educational leaflets that provide best-practices and background information about topics relevant for every day anti-racism work. See www.unitedagainstracism.org, publications
– Use the online database on www.unitedagainstracism.org/addressbook/ to find partners. Call UNITED if you cannot find a partner for your activities: we can help!
– UNITED can give your activity free publicity: Inform us about your activity and we publish it in the interactive map on WeekAgainstRacism.eu


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