Didn’t we say “Never Again”?

It’s 9th November 1938. Broken glass is covering the streets of Europe. But it’s not about the broken glass. This is the start of one of the largest genocides in human history.

It’s 2015. Hate crime is on the rise all over Europe. Right-wing extremists set fire to asylum detention centres. Refugees that manage to survive the dangerous journey to Europe are forced to travel across the continent by foot, denied assistance from EU states. Right wing populist parties are making gains in European, national and local elections. Anti-migrant rhetoric fills the mainstream media. Didn’t we say “Never Again”?

Every year around 9 November, the UNITED network coordinates the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism, and calls upon the international community to bring an end to hate. We ask NGOs, community organisations, schools, local municipalities – and you – to join forces and confront hate with direct action.

Organise activities, like the Facebook page, check the website, support others, spread the message and JOIN the 9 November campaign to UNITE against fascism and antisemitism.