European Action Week Against Racism 2016

Diversity has given so much to European societies. In every part of our continent, people of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds work together to build communities, deliver services and improve each other’s lives. It seems clear that diversity is the future. But events in the last year have left many Europeans gripped by fear; with racism and xenophobia on the rise, it is now more important than ever to take action to stand up for diversity and the defend the common European values of respect for human rights and human dignity. We must make sure that hope overcomes fear by sending a powerful message and reminding Europe that there is Strength in Diversity.

Every year, UNITED coordinates a weeklong Europe-wide campaign around 21 March to protest against all forms of racism and discrimination, and celebrate the diversity that enriches European societies. European Action Week Against Racism 2016 will take place from 12-21 March, with the slogan “Strength in Diversity”.
There are loads of ways to join the campaign: organise activities, involve your city government, like the Facebook page, check the website, support others, and spread the message. Join NGOs, civil society groups, grassroots associations, schools, universities and city governments all over Europe to prove that there is Strength in Diversity, and that we stand UNITED against racism in all forms.

This year we organise a special Strength in Diversity Action Week poster competition to show the diversity that is at the heart of the European antiracist movement.
We ask everybody to design an image that represents the theme of “Strength in Diversity” and submit it by 11 March to UNITED. All suitable submissions will be presented on an online gallery on the Action Week website, and the best entries will be presented at an exhibition in Budapest and made into a special online publication that will be distributed widely.
Don’t be shy to share your designs – let your imagination run free! Designs can be anything: a photograph, a drawing, a meme, a selfie…, whatever represents the theme of “Strength in Diversity” to you. Check the website for more details. Send your designs to with the subject “Action Week Poster” – and don’t forget to also Tweet your design with the campaign hashtag: #StrengthInDiversity. To make sure your design is included, please send it by 11 March!

Just like every year, UNITED is ready to support your organisation in organising Week Against Racism activities by inspiring you with best practice examples, sending you free campaign materials, and promoting your activities online. Fill out our online order form, and we will send up to 2kg of free campaign material for you to use in your activities!

Don’t forget: Even small acts can change the world!

At the UNITED secretariat we are always looking for ways to improve the UNITED campaigns and the materials we produce for them. That’s why we’ve put together a short survey to ask YOU in the network what you think of the campaigns, and how you think we can improve them in the future. The survey should only take 5 minutes to complete, so please help us out and complete the survey by clicking here and following the instructions.

This campaign has been funded with support of the Council of Europe (European Youth Foundation), the Erasmus+/ Youth in Action Programme of the European Union and the Open Society Foundations.
This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the sponsors cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.