UNITED represented at Europe Day celebrations in Budapest

UNITED and the No Hate Speech Movement were represented at an event to mark Europe Day on Margaret Island in Budapest. The event brought together a number of local and international organisations, who took the opportunity to interact and engage with thousands of local people and international visitors who attended the event. Taking place on 8 May, the event marked Europe Day on 9 May, and also coincided with the anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe.

Speaking about the event and UNITED’s participation, UNITED programme coordinator Balint Josa said: “While UNITED is critical of EU policies, we still see the importance of the EU as a tool to keep Europe in one piece; especially here in Central Europe, we see the original concept of the EU is fading from memory. Yes, we need to reform the EU, but we need to remind people that this is the best concept we have against the dangerous effects of nationalism. This event was a particularly good opportunity to reach young people. It was very diverse, with lots of different NGOs and networks of youth NGOs, and UNITED tries to be part of this coalition – a big umbrella of organisations that stand against hate and discrimination, and for human rights.”