UNHCR launches global refugee shelter campaign

UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, has launched a global campaign to raise funds from the private sector in order to fill a massive gap in funds needed to provide and improve shelter for millions of refugees.

The “Nobody Left Outside” campaign is seeking to raise funds from individuals, companies, foundations and philanthropists to provide or improve shelter solution for 2 million refugees by 2018. The UNHCR’s remit covers a total of around 15.1 million refugees worldwide.

The UNHCR currently faces a shortfall of over half a billion US Dollars in the funds needed to provide shelter to refugees fleeing war and persecution in 2016 alone. In Europe, of the 36 million USD (32 million EUR) required, the agency has only 10 million USD (8.9 million EUR) available – but the worst-affected regions are in the Middle East and Africa, where only 139 million USD (124 million EUR) is available of a combined total of 628 million USD (560 million EUR) necessary.

“Shelter is the foundation stone for refugees to survive and recover, and should be considered a non-negotiable human right,” said Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, in a press release. “As we tackle worldwide displacement on a level not seen since World War 2, no refugee should be left outside.”

“There is an important role for the private sector with its know-how, energy and money to act in a spirit of solidarity to shelter refugees from war and persecution. We must find better ways of peacefully integrating refugees into our host communities. Proper shelter for everyone is central to social cohesion. Good homes make good neighbours.”


Photo credit: UK Department for International Development