Human Rights Superheroes – 9 November 2016

Human Rights Superheroes

Celebrating the people who show that we don’t have to hate

9 November International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism

Every year, to commemorate the “Kristallnacht” pogrom of 1938, UNITED coordinates the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism on 9 November. Each year we call on NGOs, community organisations, schools, local municipalities – and you – to join forces and confront hate with direct action.

On 9 November, we remember the terrible crimes committed by European fascists in the 1930s and 40s. Across Europe, millions of people were murdered simply for their religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, perceived disabilities or political views. But even in those terrible times, there were people who resisted against fascism, even at great personal cost.

Today, we are also living through uncertain and fearful times. Throughout Europe, right-wing populists feed and capitalise on fear of migrants, refugees and Muslims. Meanwhile, discrimination and prejudice against other minorities such as Jews and Roma is also increasing in many parts of Europe, and does not get the attention that is required of such pressing issues. But still, many people choose to stand up and show their opposition to such views. The work of Human Rights Superheroes is more important than ever.

For this year’s campaign, UNITED is focusing on the theme of Human Rights Superheroes. On the 9 November campaign day, we will publish profiles of heroes from past and present who stood up for the rights of others, and against hate – often paying a great price for their bravery. By highlighting the great contributions made by these individuals in past and present, we will show that we don’t have to hate and inspire people across Europe to take a stand against fascism and discrimination.


Cities campaign

As every year, we invite mayors and other city representatives to get involved with the campaign! Between now and 9 November, we invite city representatives to join our campaign by telling us about the Human Rights Superheroes that inspire them! More information can be found on the cities page.


Stay Updated

We will send out further important announcements about the campaign, but to make sure that you stay up to date with all campaign news, and what is going on all around Europe, make sure you LIKE the Day Against Fascism Facebook page at, as well as FOLLOWing UNITED on Twitter @UNITED__Network. You can also regularly check the Day Against Fascism website at


Start planning your activities

9 November is now only six weeks away, so if you haven’t already started planning your Day Against Fascism activities, now is the time! Your activity doesn’t need to be a huge national event – it can also be a small local gathering. Don’t forget: Even small acts can change the world!

In the past, UNITED network organisations have coordinated a huge range of activities on this day. The types of activities you could organise include:

  • A commemorative event/vigil
  • A tour/ walk around local sites connected to fascism or genocide
  • A street demonstration or flashmob
  • Screening of a topical film
  • A discussion group
  • A creative workshop
  • A human library
  • Something different!

If you need some inspiration for your activity, you can always check the list of Best Practices on the Day Against Fascism website as well as UNITED information leaflets on organising activities such as the Human Library, and how to use Holocaust education in antiracism work. We also have a lot of resources on how to organise activities for this campaign, including how to organise activities on a budget, and how to organise last minute activities – check here

Once you have a plan for your 9 November activities, please let UNITED know by filling in the form below and returning it to – we will promote your activity on our website at and via social media.


Campaign material:

As ever, UNITED is ready to support your organisation by sending FREE campaign material, including posters, postcards and stickers to use in your activities. This year, due to our ongoing efforts to update our working methods and protect the environment, we have not produced any new paper material (though we will release new materials online), however we still have sufficient paper material from previous campaigns to send you for FREE.

If you are interested in receiving free campaign material by post, please fill out the form at this link – and make sure you do so by Friday 30 September at the latest, to ensure that they arrive on time for the campaign!

This campaign has been made possible with support of the Council of Europe (European Youth Foundation) and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
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