FARE grants available for Football People weeks campaign

A long time partner of UNITED and friend in combating hate, xenophobia and intolerance, the FARE Network is encouraging civil society to apply for small and medium size grants to participate in its campaign, the Football People weeks, running between 5 and 19 October 2017.

The campaign aims to get 100,000 people to take part from grassroots groups, football clubs and associations, NGOs, ethnic minority organisations, LGBTIQ fan groups, and more, and to be part of a social movement focused on tackling discrimination or promoting social inclusion in and through football.

Support of up to €500 is available for grassroots activities that promote social inclusion and celebrate diversity, further the empowerment of women and ethnic minorities through football, and help refugee inclusion.

Piara Powar, Fare Executive Director said: “We want people across Europe to show what football can be, how it is a driving force for social change, regardless of who they are, their background, or where they live.

Deadline for application: 3 September 2017

Dates of the campaign: between 5 and 19 October 2017

Read more and access the application form here.

Download the poster of the campaign written in nine languages.