Press Release: “Diversity – Never Enough!” European Action Week Against Racism 2018

From 17-25 March, hundreds of activities will take place all over Europe to protest against racism and advocate for open, inclusive, and UNITED societies.

Organisations all over Europe are preparing activities to mark the European Action Week Against Racism. Organised by UNITED for Intercultural Action, a European network of antiracist NGOs, this annual campaign sees civil society groups, educational institutions and city governments come together to protest against racism and celebrate the diversity that enriches European societies.

Responding to the increasing populist and extreme right-wing voices in Europe, the message of the 2018 Action Week is “Diversity – Never Enough!”, aiming to focus on what we have in common rather than what separates us. As the European antiracist movement, we will prove that diversity is beautiful and valuable, that there can be never enough of diversity!

“Despite the growing difficulty in defeating populist politicians in the voting booth, UNITED is committed to promoting our shared vision for a diverse and inclusive society. For me, diversity is not merely a fundamental value, but also a compass to a blissful life. Therefore, when promoting diversity at UNITED, I believe that our real endeavour is to make the world a happier place”, said UNITED Programme Coordinator Balint Josa.

The campaign is based around 21 March, the anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa in 1960, which in 1966 was recognised by the UN as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. UNITED has been organising an annual antiracism campaign around this date since 1993.

You can find more information about the campaign, including an interactive map showing the hundreds of activities taking place across Europe, and the city governments who have joined the campaign, at

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Balint JOSA | +31-20-6834778

This campaign has been made possible with support of the Council of Europe (European Youth Foundation) and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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