Last Saturday, over 40.000 people demonstrated on the “UNITY demonstration against Racism & Fascism” in London, UK.

46493094_1725705930874568_5736484171669307392_oOver 40.000 Protesters from all around the UK came together last Saturday to show UNITY in combating racism and fascism. The demonstration was initiated by Stand Up To Racism, co-sponsored by Unite Against Fascism and LoveMusic HateRacism, officially backed by several labour Unions and politicians.

The demonstration was organised as a response to the rise in support for fascism, the far right, racism, Islamophobia and Antisemitism in the UK. People also showed solidarity with women, black and LGBT+ community in Brazil, who will have to deal with the newly elected, far right president Jair Bolsonaro.

But people not only protested fascism and racism, a protester is quoted “in fighting against racism and fascism we got to defeat austerity and we have to fight for jobs for homes, for free education and a fair an equal society.”

46450973_1725705650874596_2609818610918490112_oDemonstrators and political activists made the point clear that there is no single footstep for racism and fascism in the UK. We’re pleased that many people protested and showed a united front against racism and fascism! The organisers already announced that the next demonstration will take place on March, 16th, the UN Anti-Racism Day.








Picture: © Stand up to Racism/ Facebook page