Make Them Small Again! – UNITED’s campaign for the EP-Elections 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In May 2019 the European Parliamentary Elections will take place. Since the last elections 5 years ago, nationalism and exclusionary policies have gained traction in many EU countries. Politicians across the Union have turned to suppressing freedom of speech, fueling fear and intolerance, excluding minorities and migrants, and opposing the EU itself, discarding the values of unity and solidarity that underlied its creation.

These elections can decide the future of the European Union and tip the balance in favour of these nationalist and anti-EU sentiments – or turn the tide back to an inclusive and cooperative Europe. Now is therefore a crucial moment for us to take action and mobilize European citizens to vote in great numbers, using their voting right to make discriminatory parties small again!

Join our campaign for the EP-Elections and make an impact against racism, fascism and nationalism in Europe. You will find more information about the campaign here.