Statement: Solidaric Europe. Together Against Racism

A wide range of initiatives is possible for a Europe that is solidarity-based and humane. Civil society should become active to achieve this.

The International Day Against Racism, around March 21st, is suitable for this. This day is a focal point for initiatives and collaborations and can be extended to one or more weeks.


Much work is required to reduce racism and right-wing populism in European countries. With a German-language Initiative as a model, we aim to start this work.

We are looking forward to activities in also other countries and languages.


We will start with exemplary initiatives around March 21st 2022:

  • Thematic events such as lectures, discussions or readings in which other cooperation partners and, above all, people affected by racism are involved;
  • Convince prominent personalities to support the UN Day and the Weeks against Racism;
  • Conversations between police and people affected by racism;
  • Religious celebrations, involving people of other religions, in order to reduce mutual reservations;
  • Anti-racist Tours along places of remembrance, synagogues, mosques or refugee shelters;
  • Many creative possibilities are also possible: e.g. in schools, the fire brigade, in sports, at clubs, companies or municipalities.


The undersigned will make an effort to initiate one or more events around March 21, 2022:

Geert Ates, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Eva Balcarova, Prague, Czech Republic

Günter Burkhardt, Frankfurt / M., Germany

John Graversgaard, Aarhus, Denmark

Balint Josa, Budapest, Hungary

Elke Alexandra Kammerer, Linz, Austria

Reinhard Leonhardsberger, Linz, Austria

Barbara Liegl, Vienna, Austria

Jürgen Micksch, Darmstadt, Germany

Andreas Nufer, Bern, Switzerland

Tikho Ong, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Mirek Prokes, Prague, Czech Republic

Helge Ratzer, Aarhus, Denmark

Martin Rozumek, Prague, Czech Republic

Ludo Segers, Antwerp, Belgium

Zuzana Stevulova, Bratislava, Slovakia

Claudio Tocchi, Torino, Italy

Chika Uzor, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Mikulas Vymetal, Prague, Czech Republic

Peter Weisenbacher, Bratislava, Slovakia

Roos Ykema, Amsterdam, Netherlands




Working group “Solidaric Europe. Together against racism “(SolE)

c/o Foundation for the International Weeks Against Racism, Goebelstrasse 21a,

D – 64293 Darmstadt

Tel. +49-6151-33 99 71


The UNITED event Calendar gathers and documents activities to inform the public.

Please keep UNITED for Intercultural Action informed about your activities:


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