The concern of a new all-out war between Russia and Ukraine grew into a sad and worrying reality, and today marks the end of a long time of peace in Europe, as international diplomacy failed to prevent a conflict turning into an invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military. We know this conflict is not between the people of these two countries as no civilian wants war. 

UNITED sends solidarity to the people of the region and encourages the civil society in both countries to monitor and report continuously about the situation. 

We all have to consider the consequences and we all have to understand this is a turning point in history signaling the complete collapse of the post Cold War political system. International organizations, such as the UN and OSCE did not manage to keep up the peace and failed to successfully withhold the clear and present threat. We call on all European and international actors to use diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the crisis, to provide consistent and timely support for the civic society organisations, and to be ready to provide humanitarian assistance to minimize the suffering of Ukrainian people. 

We will keep on working to support those working in the conflict countries and will report on Human Rights violations. Now more than ever we have to stay UNITED.