UNITED joins ENAR’s GA: “Decolonising Justice: A vision for a future of racial justice in Europe”

A delegation of UNITED joined the General Assembly of the European Network Against RacismDecolonising Justice: A vision for a future of racial justice in Europe“, held between May 19th and May 21st. 

Together with over 80 Network representatives from across Europe, UNITED took part in engaging and at times challenging discussions on quality data collection, recognition of structural racism, and intersectionality. Among the numerous activities, our delegation especially enjoyed the exchange with the EU Anti-Racism Coordinator Michaela Moua and series of engaging workshops on the topics of NAPAR (National Action Plan Against Racism) with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, UN Coalition and Climate Justice (note: the excellent report by ENAR on experiences, responses and steps towards decolonising climate action). We have also learnt about ENAR current work priorities for 2022 and the ambitions for 2023.

“It is always great to step out from our everyday perspectives and to meet and see what are the most important issues and causes for the other antiracist activists and organisations in Europe.” – Marcell Lorincz, Co-Director, UNITED for Intercultural Action & Co-Founder, Foundation of Subjective Values

The UNITED team are excited to congratulate the new Co-Directors, Kim Smouter and Ojeaku Nwabuzo, and hope to continue successful cooperation between UNITED and ENAR. We also wish to express thank you for the long-term cooperation and friendship to Juliana Wahlgren, former ENAR’s Senior Advocacy Officer, and wishes her all the best luck in future endeavours. 

“After two years of physical separation, and in such a charged, dangerous and complex social and political context in Europe, it was such a boost of energy to be able to reconnect and share experiences and stories. A refound sense of community and meaning could be felt around the room. A powerful reminder that we all need each other to bring change in these dark times, and extremely useful for the people of ENAR (both the staff and the board) in planning ahead for the next years.”  – Federica Dadone, UNITED representative & ENAR Board Member 

By Neringa Tumėnaitė, Advocacy Advisor, UNITED for Intercultural Action