STATEMENT: UNITED applauds Germany’s decision to provide additional support to the Council of Europe

STATEMENT: UNITED for Intercultural Action applauds the decision of Germany to provide additional €10 million support to the Council of Europe, addressing the needs following Russia’s exclusion from the organisation

The Council of Europe has done a tremendous job in  promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law in the 46 member states and beyond.  

Therefore, UNITED wholeheartedly applauds the solidarity decision by Germany to provide  extra €10 million to the Council of Europe to compensate for the shortfall of funding resulting from Russia’s exclusion from the organisation. 

For successful multilateral cooperation words of solidarity are important, but actions are needed, today more than ever. 

We hope that this measure — advocated for and supported by multiple civic society organisations across Europe — will act as an example to fellow member states, and help maintain a strong and effective Council of Europe.

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