Statement of Solidarity with the victims in Hamburg

Solidarity with the victims of Hamburg attack

UNITED for Intercultural Action expresses deep sympathy and solidarity with the suspected terror attack victims in Hamburg. 


According to the news agencies, at least seven people have been killed and eight others injured in a shooting that took place on Thursday night at a Jehovah’s Witness center in Hamburg. This attack is a painful reminder that people from  ethnic, religious minorities often suffer the brunt of dehumanisation through violence and terror. This is a true  sign of our society’s weakness.  


We call for solidarity among non-religious groups as well and vigilance from the authorities to put more efforts in prevention and governments to support education, awareness raising and intercultural action. We also call for a UNITED push for more support for organisations doing groundwork, fostering youth to be less radical,  promoting fundamental rights, antiracism and equality. They can do it, if they get resources, access and recognition, not restrictions, prosecution and scapegoating. We must also remember, maybe today it is an attack on someone else, but we must speak up on every occasion of injustice, as otherwise one day there will be nobody left to  speak for us when our turn comes.