UNITED holds its FIRST Delegates & Experts Meeting of 2023

UNITED I Delegate and Expert Meeting of 2023 on the 4th of March.


UNITED holds its I Delegates & Experts Meeting of 2023


Through the years, UNITED has worked hard to amplify and vocalise the diverse perspectives and experiences of the network and its members through expert input and policy recommendations at the European and national levels.


To ensure that UNITED upkeeps with its goal of having the voice of the European antiracist movement heard, the network held its first Delegate and Expert Meeting of 2023 on  the 4th of March. Program Director Balint Josa introduced UNITED’s evolving mission and vision and recent developments. After a short roundtable of updates from the Delegates, , various partnership and collaborative opportunities to represent UNITED were presented and discussed. Overall, the introductory session allowed for rekindling of passion and connection with both experienced UNITED delegates, and those  who had recently joined the network.


The secretariat, with the help of advocacy experts and trainers, aims to nurture productive relationships with various organisations, make new connections and partnerships with key stakeholders, and allow for more accessibility and visibility for the network through the UNITED Delegates programme.



To learn more about the Programme, you may visit https://unitedfia.org/about-uniteds-advocacy-work/.


By Eunice Ayen Ondo, Intern at UNITED for Intercultural Action