LIVE EVENT for the European Action Week Against Racism – BYE BYE BIAS

ACTIVIST LIVESTREAM Speakers Julie Ward and Shahab Saqib

🫂 During this Action Week we have been trying to raise awareness about biases: what they are, how they work and how they’re related with the spreading of #racist ideologies and expressions, challenging people to discover their own biases but also providing some tips on how to overcome them.

🎯Nonetheless since we are a Network of amazing people and organisation, we want to have the chance to directly discuss this topic, coming back with another ACTIVIST LIVESTREAM, happening on Friday the 24th at 3.30 pm CET.⏰

💬For the occasion we have the privilege to discuss with two uK based experts, Julie Ward and Shahab Saqib.

Julie is a British Labour politician and former MEP who was elected to the European Parliament in 2014. Currently an education consultant in the north east of England, Julie remains an active campaigner for migrants rights, currently campaigning against the UK government’s detention and asylum policies.

Shahab is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) in the UK and a Visiting Scholar of Law at the University of Toronto. He is continuing his PhD at King’s College London wherein he is comparatively studying the conceptualization of discrimination in international human rights law and Islamic law. He focuses particularly on the boundaries of belonging and the alienness of non-citizens in international human rights law, by criticizing how dissimulations in the framework of IHRL legitimize various forms of discrimination against them in migration, mobility and work.
📱To listen to Julie and Shahab and their experiences with bias as a long time anti-racist activist and ask questions and give inputs, join us tomorrow.

For additional info check the event page.

To know more about this year’s campaign for the European Action Week Against Racism instead, check our dedicated section on the website.