Georgia Uprising interview with Mikheil Lazginiani – Full video

Georgia Uprising interview with Mikheil Lazginiani

During the past weeks we decided to share the inspiring story of Georgian Uprising, that saw people, activists and civil society who protested against an unjust law, showing all Europe and all the world the value of activist resistance. Thanks to the amazing people and organisations who are part of our network we could listen to a first-hand account of what happened starting from the 7th of March. In particular Mikheil Lazginiani , Executive Director of ტოლერანტობის სამყარო – World of Tolerance NGO, who participated the protest firsthand, shared his story with us, talking about the reasons behind it, what made it a success but also the feeling of fear and uncertainty that came with such a massive protest.

To know more listen directly his story on our YouTube channel then and #stayunited to know more.