UNITED Holds Online Meeting to Expand Global Activist Movement

UNITED II Experts & Delegates Meeting

UNITED for Intercultural Action Holds Online Introductory Meeting to Expand Global Activist Movement


UNITED for Intercultural Action, Europe’s oldest network against nationalism, racism, fascism, and in support of migrants and refugees, hosted its second introductory Delegates & Experts meeting this year. It provided the new delegates with an organisation overview and created space to explore their further involvement in the work of the network.


Program Director Balint Josa warmly welcomed all attendees and underlined the importance of their contributions to UNITED’s mission. Recognizing the need to extend movements beyond Europe, the meeting focused on expanding the voices of the antiracist movement globally.


During the session, the Program Director provided valuable insights into UNITED’s evolving mission and vision, highlighting recent developments and the organisation’s commitment to promoting equality and justice worldwide. As the new Delegates actively expressed their interest for future partnerships and collaborations, UNITED assures that the visibility and impact of its ongoing efforts to combat nationalism, racism, and fascism while supporting migrants, refugees, and minorities will not only be amplified but also addressed on a global scale.


UNITED for Intercultural Action expresses heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their active commitment to the organisation. With their unparalleled contributions, UNITED looks forward to continuing to serve as a driving force in promoting intercultural dialogue and social justice.


Please feel free to visit our website and join our growing network of Delegates for more information: https://unitedfia.org/about-uniteds-advocacy-work/


By Eunice Ayen Ondo, Intern at UNITED for Intercultural Action