Discussing Hate Speech at the meeting of the General Directors of Sports of the EU

Spanish EU presidency meeting - hate speech in sport

Our director Balint Josa joined the panel on the second day of the meeting of the General Directors of Sports of the European Union countries, held on September 21 and 22 in Valencia, focused on the need to eradicate hateful behaviour in sport, contributing to the panel specifically dedicated to hate speech. In particular he could share his experience as a professional in anti racism as well as a civil society representative in different organisations.

The general directors of sports from the member countries emphasised the importance of combating hate speech in sport, as it often serves as the seed for subsequent violent incidents.

To tackle this problem, the European Union is planning to adopt a comprehensive strategy that takes into account social, educational, and practical aspects. The strategy aims to create a safer and more inclusive environment in sports by promoting awareness, education, and the implementation of stricter regulations. It was recognized that hate speech can have significant negative impacts on athletes, fans, and the overall reputation of sports.

As a possibility to intervene on this issue, the presentation of the bid for the 2030 Football World Cup showcased the potential for major sporting events to bring positive impacts to the host countries and the European continent as a whole, enhancing international relations and thus creating the opportunities for the creation of positive environments for the contrast and deconstruction of hate speech.

You can look at the video summary here or get in touch with us to know more on contrasting hate speech and anti racism. #stayunited