UNITED for Intercultural Action on Departure from X (formerly Twitter)

Statement on leaving X/former Twitter

UNITED for Intercultural Action on Departure from X (formerly Twitter)


Today, we, at UNITED for Intercultural Action, wish to make a public declaration of our intention to discontinue our presence on the platform formerly known as Twitter, now renamed “X”, following its acquisition by Elon Musk. Our decision, although not made lightly, is rooted in the fundamental values that underpin our organization and our duty to promote unity, respect, and understanding among diverse cultures. His personal statements and the direction he leads twitter is beyond controversial and often contradict the values we stand for. 

For years, Twitter stood as a beacon for open discourse, allowing for quick and succinct exchanges of ideas, connecting individuals with influencers, celebrities, and politicians in real-time. However, since its acquisition and rebranding, we have observed a concerning surge in hate speech, biased algorithms, and a perceived ambiance that seemingly endorses the targeting of vulnerable minorities. What was once a space for global conversation is increasingly becoming a hotbed for hostility, discrimination, and prejudice. It devolved to his personal playground to create a new echochamber for his views. 

Such behaviour becomes even more worrying in the face of the current challenges, since Twitter/X has rapidly become the favorite platform for the spread of fake news and propaganda, worsening an already alarming polarization in the public discourse, especially in relation to severe and long-standing conflicts.

His fame gave platform for comments like this: 

Elon Musk 29th september tweet against immigration


It is our firm belief that platforms with such a significant influence and reach have an inherent responsibility to uphold the principles of fairness, respect, and safety for all its users. When these platforms seem to transform into personal playgrounds that amplify harmful narratives, it becomes essential to question their role in shaping public discourse.

The rise in discriminatory content, the evident lack of stringent moderation, and the dubious actions that incite violence are not just contrary to our values but should also be alarming for any organization, NGO, or political entity that stands for justice, equality, and human rights. By continuing our presence on X, we fear we might inadvertently be legitimizing these transgressions.

Thus, we are making a stand. We are choosing to exit X and we urge fellow NGOs, politicians, and conscientious users to reflect upon the implications of remaining a part of a platform that no longer resonates with the spirit of open, respectful, and unbiased communication. Let us together prioritize platforms and mediums that foster understanding and unity, instead of division.

In a digital age, our choices in the virtual realm resonate deeply in the real world. Let’s make choices that stand up for the values we cherish.


Feel free to adjust the content as per your feeling/concept/language and #stayunited