1st in person Training in Tolouse for R2COM Project

R2COM group picture

The R2COM project, focusing on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism Prevention in the Community, has recently conducted its 1st in-person training event in Tolouse, France.

The event, held over three days (October 17-19), gathered NGO workers from diverse countries including Italy, Hungary, Kosovo, Albania, Sweden, Portugal and Bulgaria.

Our network was represented by Amina, one of our interns, and other young Hungarians, who had the opportunity of attending this 1st training on behalf of UNITED for Intercultural Action.

She said it was a truly transformative experience with inspiring organizations from all over Europe, sharing the same mission: preventing radicalization and fostering unity in our communities.

Experts and practitioners led sessions covering wide range of topics, including early warning signs of radicalisation, community engagement strategies, restorative justice in P/CVE, real case studies and the role of education in prevention.

Beyond the structured sessions, the event provided numerous networking opportunities and informal discussions among participants for future cooperation and knowledge exchange.
We all express our gratitude to the organizers for creating this intellectual opportunity.

Together, with our partners around Europe we stand with a mission to nurture resilient communities and proactive counter extremism.


r2com session tolouse R2COM Tolouse Training