Housing in a Time of War and Social Ecological Crisis – Online Webinar with Prague Spring 2

Prague Spring 2 webinar Housing crisis

In the frame of the preparatory work towards the World Social Forum (WSF), scheduled to be held in Nepal/Kathmandu in February 2024, we are happy to co-host the Online webinar by Prague Spring 2 against right wing extremism and populism, “Housing in a time of war and social and ecological crisis” so that a common message and voice can be heard and sent out to the world at the WSF- Nepal.

The webinar is happening on Saturday 3rd of February at 15.00 CET and it aims to bring to the WSF the most pressing issues of livelihood and housing crisis in the Central-Eastern region of Europe (affecting huge masses of people). We will talk about poverty in these countries, which the ruling governments treat with indifference, discriminating and even criminalizing them, impoverishing whole strata of society.

The housing situation is further worsened by the ravages of the wars.
It is not only a regional problem.
All over the world it seems there is no real will to solve it.
Increasing budgets are spent on militarisation.
We therefore join the call for demanding to spend our taxes on health care, social-housing developments and education.
The webinar is open to everybody, those who have been working in the field for decades as well as people who think that political will is needed to solve the problems systematically.

It’s possible to join the meeting via zoom by registering at this link.
We hope to see you there and #stayunited!