UNITED attends first ENAR Workshop of 2024

UNITED attends first ENAR Workshop of 2024

UNITED attends first ENAR Workshop of 2024 held in Brussels, Belgium, last February 15th to 17th, 2024. UNITED delegate Eunice Ondo, emerged with a profound sense of empowerment and practical skills vital for advancing the network’s mission and vision for 2024.

Anti-racist movements often face significant challenges in their advocacy work. They require financial resources to support their initiatives, raise awareness and mobilize communities by conducting research, developing educational programs, organizing community events, and enhancing their capacity to address systemic racism comprehensively. 

Thus, it is clear that the significance of funding opportunities play a crucial role: it allows organizations working towards equality, justice, and the eradication of racism to amplify their efforts and create meaningful change. Securing grants also lends credibility to their cause, demonstrating that the work is recognized and valued by institutions like the European Union.

And so the training program, meticulously designed to address the pressing needs of anti-racist organizations, provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of project writing and fundraising strategies. The training also delved into the complexities of fundraising, equipping participants with insights into diversifying funding sources, including potential opportunities for EU funding and tapping into local and regional resources. Through collaborative sessions and knowledge exchange, attendees gained valuable insights into navigating the intricacies of the funding landscape.

A Highlight: The EU Funding and Tenders Portal

As introduced by ENAR, the European Union is at the forefront in providing grants to organizations and individuals through different calls and tenders. These initiatives create opportunities for organizations of all sizes and individuals to implement projects that not only align with EU objectives, but also challenge discriminatory practices, promote inclusivity, and create platforms for marginalized voices to be heard. 

To facilitate access to these funding opportunities, the European Union has developed the EU Funding and Tenders Portal. The EU Funding and Tenders Portal offers the tools, resources, and guidance needed to develop strong project proposals, manage projects effectively, and meet EU requirements. 

In hindsight, the platform serves as a comprehensive resource for organizations seeking grants and calls that align with their projects and initiatives. It not only offers an extensive list of funding opportunities but also provides access to past calls and successful proposals, allowing organizations to refer to them and gain valuable insights and guidance when writing their own proposals. Moreover, it provides a platform for finding consortium partners and collaborating with other organizations to strengthen project submissions and increase the likelihood of securing funding.

Armed with enhanced skills and connections within the anti-racist community, UNITED is now ever more ready to lead initiatives that drive meaningful change within the network and their respective communities when it comes to combating racism and injustice.

In particular, UNITED highly encourages everyone to seize the opportunities presented by the EU Funding and Tenders Portal. Together, we can harness the collective power of organizations, activists, and individuals dedicated to eradicating racism. By sharing these opportunities through our network, we enhance our capacity to secure grants, implement impactful projects, and advance our common goal of creating a more inclusive and equitable society. 

Let us #stayunited and move forward together, fueled by our commitment to combat racism in all its forms!

Click here for a more detailed presentation by ENAR on Project writing and Fundraising. Visit the EU Funding and Tenders Portal.