Advancing Racial Justice with UNITED on the ARDW 2024

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) recently held its annual conference in Brussels on March 20-21, 2024, bringing together a diverse array of civil society organisations, policymakers, and community leaders to discuss the ongoing fight against racism and discrimination in the European Union.

The UNITED network, represented by Delegates Dr. Manal Benani and Eunice Ayen Ondo, as a pan-European network working to promote tolerance, democracy, and human rights, had the privilege to participate in the conference and contribute to the conversation.


The conference served as a crucial platform for fostering dialogue and advocating for racial equality, highlighting the importance of representation and diversity in the media and public discourse. It emphasised the need for the media to reflect the diversity of European societies and to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes and biases. The conference also underscored the importance of gender-balanced participation and the inclusion of racialized individuals in the media and other decision-making bodies. Particularly with the impending European Elections, there was a collective drive to redirect the narrative towards a vision of Europe that champions inclusivity and equity for all its citizens.


Through the conference, the importance of engaging EU leaders in these discussions was reaffirmed, as their participation underscores their influence in shaping policy and public discourse on racial justice. With the European Elections on the horizon, ARDW plays a critical role in redirecting the election narrative towards a vision of Europe that prioritizes inclusivity and equity for all its citizens.

The ENAR conference amplified the crucial role of civil society organisations, such as those in the UNITED network, in the fight against racism and discrimination. This was accompanied by a resounding call for dedicated EU funding to support these vital organizations, as well as the establishment of structured dialogues between policymakers and civil society groups advocating for racial justice and equality.

UNITED’s presence at the conference serves as a testament to the power of collective action in effecting social change. Through dialogue, advocacy, and solidarity, there remains an unwavering commitment to fostering a Europe where diversity is embraced, and racial justice stands as a cornerstone principle.

By Dr. Manal Benani and Eunice Ayen Ondo, Delegates at UNITED for Intercultural Action