Online now the Pamphlet “Football without Racism & Discrimination”!

Football without Racism & Discrimination cover

The #UEFAEURO Cup 2024 is about to start!

Following the challenge of the #EUElections, the European Continent is uniting to celebrate sport and competition.

However, it’s important to remember that the strong emotions associated with football can sometimes lead to violence, #racism, and #discrimination. These are phenomena that don’t occur in a vacuum, and the popularity and energy of this sport can unfortunately amplify such toxic behaviors.

Since we care about the beauty of football and recognise its added value in promoting the values of #inclusion, #diversity and #respect for all and as part of our longstanding commitment against racism we are very happy to announce our newest publication: the Pamphlet named “Football Without Racism & Discrimination”, written in cooperation with Martin Širka, member of our Network and representative of YMCA Serbia.
The leaflet provides important definitions and examples of racism and discriminatory actions both on and off the field. It also shares resources, initiatives, and projects aimed at combating these issues.

It’s in fact important to equip especially young people with tools and resources to be able to recognise worrying attitudes and to develop suitable strategies for responding and asking for support.

Sport is in fact a passion that can unite and inspire people to be and do better and it’s a shame it’s often used to express violence and oppression towards others, especially when they belong to already marginalised groups. I

It will keep us company while following the amazing UEFA matches and we’ll talk more about it in the next days, so take your chance and download it for free at this link and get in touch with us to know more!

#stayunited #NoToRacism