***ACTIVIST LIVESTREAM: “Not Today fascism, not today!***

Meet Khadija Tirha, speaker of the Activist Livestream for the 9th of November Campaign

Did you miss our livestream with Khadija Tirha?
Activist spaces are the perfect places where to exercise our critical thinking, that’s why we need to treasure dialogue and meeting opportunities, facilitating the connection between people, ideas, stories and places. For this reason on the 11th of November we invited the Afro-European youth worker and activist Khadija Tirha for our first Activist Livestream to dialogue with us over the significance of  the 9th of November and to ask: what does it mean to be a fascist today? What “red flags” should we look out for? What should young activists do to make sure we stick to “never again”? We spoke and exchanged some inspiring, lively words with Khadija, on staying motivated despite setbacks, on blossoming in your activism, on leaving a legacy, and on being kind.

Be committed. Believe in your work and continue to work … In the end, you will
reach your goals, your objectives. In all the ways, you will do it. You just have to
be passionate and patient… And you have to believe in a change… We should be our change.


Catch it now on our YouTube channel here.

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