Call for contributions: your message of hope!


From the 9th of November, Day against Fascism and Antisemitism, to the 10th of December, Human Rights Day, we are running the campaign ‘From Hate to Hope’.

During the campaign, we will be looking at fascism of the past and present, at what we can do to stand against it, and at how we can find hope in challenging times. We will be doing this through conversations with interesting people, by sharing important information on both fascism and human rights, and by sharing our own messages of hope, from and to the network.

For this reason, we want to ask you: what is YOUR message of hope? What message, story or dream do you want to share with other activists? What gives you hope, or what is your hope for the future?


What to do?

Maybe you want to write something down, or take a picture. Maybe you want to take a video, or create a piece of art. Everything is possible!

We would love to receive your contributions so we can share them with our network and inspire others to find hope as well.


How to share?

Share your contribution with us by emailing it to and we will share it during our campaign. (Please, let us know if you want us to share it with your name or the name of your organisation, or anonymously!)

You can also upload it on your own social media and tag us! (FB: United for Intercultural Action, Instagram: @unitedfia, Twitter: UNITED__Network). Use the hashtags #FromHateToHope and #MyMessageOfHope.


Need inspiration?

If you don’t know what to do, but still want to participate, you can use these hashtags:


Write them down on a piece of paper or your hands and take a picture. Every contribution is welcome!


Need some inspiration? Here are some images to help you!