BYE BYE BIAS! Tell us about your activities!

BYE BYE BIAS - 21st of March Campaign 2023

BYE BYE BIAS! European Action Week Against Racism Activity Form 2023

Fill in the form below with details about your activities, which UNITED will promote online for this year campaign on 21st of March.

We will share as many activities and actions as we can through our social media and website. To get inspired you can take a look at our suggested activities for last year here, while waiting for the new ones. Please fill in the form in English language (and using Latin letters) and remember to share our motto BYE BYE BIAS! as much as possible to raise our voices against racism.

To know more about this year’s motto and vision, check the BYE BYE BIAS! Campaign description here or send an email to with your contact details and we will get in touch with you.