In Conversation with: Jason Gold

As part of our #FromHateToHope campaign, we are hosting a series of conversations with people with a long-standing history with anti-fascism.

In this first conversation of the series, our director Balint Josa will have a conversation with photographer Jason Gold.

Jason Gold has been a photographer for over 40 years. His work has covered the anti-apartheid movement, the campaign for nuclear disarmament and the labor strikes and industrial disputes occurring during this time, and his work has appeared in both UK publications and international outlets. In 1992, he left London to cover the wars in Yugoslavia, travelling throughout each of the country’s former republics, seeing his photos published in the Times, The Independent, and The Guardian as well as by Getty Images.

Originally from the UK, he has been based in Montenegro since 1997, and works as a photographer and writer for domestic left-leaning newspapers and news portals in Montenegro. He is also the co-founder of the Labour Party UK Central Europe Branch, and the founder of the Montenegro International Alliance, an online news portal to build international solidarity among the left in the region.

Watch the conversation below, or on Facebook HERE!