International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism – 9th of November Campaign 2022

International Day against Fascism and Nationalism

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9th of November commemorates the tragical events of the Kristallnacht of 1938, to remember the dangers of fascism and how it led to the extermination of millions of people.
Nonetheless the far right and fascism have been constantly growing in popularity not limited to small extremist groups, hidden in their forums, clubs, parties, but actually representing relevant percentages within parliaments, in France, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Poland and many other countries. This happened during the decade that saw a massive change in the means of communication, with the domination of social media over public life, information and propaganda. We cannot afford to leave terrain to fascism but we are already doing it by neglecting and undervaluing the risks and the strength of its language on social media and within communication in general.

TAKE ACTION! Let’s give an activist role to memory!

We can mobilise on the 9th of November to stress the importance of remembrance as an act of resistance that must be collective and unifying, that shouldn’t become nostalgia, nor erase the history of victims, none of them (including Roma, LGBTQI+ people and people with disabilities).
Only by giving this activist role to memory we can create effective strategies against fascism, which is something that developed through the years and that needs a systemic approach to be contrasted.

How can we do it?
We can investigate the ways in which neo-fascist parties and leaders who are now mainstream, talk and communicate on social media; their vocabulary, images, targets, how can we spot them? Which similarities do they bring with the fascism of “the past”?


Activist spaces are the perfect places where to exercise our critical thinking, that’s why we need to treasure dialogue and meeting opportunities, facilitating the connection between people, ideas, stories and places. For this reason on the 11th of November we are having our first Activist Livestream: “Not today fascism, not today!” with the Afro-European youth worker and activist Khadija Tirha, to dialogue with us over the significance of this day and ask: what does it mean to be a fascist today? What “red flags” should we look out for? What should young activists do to make sure we stick to “never again”?
The video can be seen live on that day on Instagram or on our YouTube channel.

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