UNITED list of Refugee Deaths: How is it made?

How is the refugee list of deaths made?
🫂THE MISSED REFUGE: UNITED list of Refugee Deaths.
How is it made?

Our pledge to raise awareness about the policies of fortress Europe continues by sharing with you the criteria that UNITED has been using for the last 30 years to compile its list.
The list summarises information on where, when, and under which circumstances people died while looking for refuge at the borders of Europe.

More specifically, the categories on the list are:
▪️Date of the finding
▪️Name, Gender, Age
▪️Region of Origin
▪️Cause of Death

On all death cases, further documentation is kept in the archive currently stored in our offices. The data is collected through desk research conducted by our staff and very often by young volunteers and interns who are willing to contribute to the cause.
Information is also received from the over 550 network organisations present in 48 countries and from local experts, journalists, and researchers in the field of migration and who help gather more details possible.

☯️Such industrious, long and delicate work requires long standing commitment, dedication and consistency, also considering that news regarding tragic deaths of refugees can be found every day.

Nonetheless it’s very frequent that many traces are never truly found; names, origin and stories of the people who lost their lives in the attempt of reaching the fortress Europe.

✊For this reason the list stands also as a memorial, not allowing us to forget and to lose the stories and the heritage of these people together with their lives.

Compiled in the ‘UNITED List of Refugee Deaths’ they add up to an impressive listing and a strong campaign statement: “No More Deaths – Time For Change!”

Traditionally, the updated list is published every year at the beginning of June to include the most recent data and to renew our call for action.

You can find more info on the dedicated website here and you can keep following our campaign in the upcoming days.