From Rumors to Respect - Reggio Emilia Conference April 2024

From Rumours to Respect: Challenging Hate and Promoting Diversity

Building inclusive communities designed around the respect of human rights and human dignity of all

Date: April 22, 2024 – April 27, 2024

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We are excited to announce that the next UNITED Conference 2024, From Rumours to Respect: Challenging Stereotypes and Promoting Diversity, will take place on April 22nd-27th 2024 in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

After the Autumn conference in Budapest that brought us back together in person for the first time after the Covid19 pandemic, we are ready for yet another collective moment of inspiration and exchange to kick-off our spring!

Right after our European Action Week Against Racism and just before the EU Elections we thought it’s time to focus on some of the issues that are daily affecting millions of people around the world, undermining our democratic coexistence and peace. For this reason we call on our Network to join efforts to discuss and find common strategies to tackle hate speech, rumours, prejudice and discrimination, to build inclusive communities designed around the respect of human rights and human dignity of all.

To be more effective in our mission, we have organised this conference in cooperation with ICEI and the project DiversaMente – Youth against discrimination AID 012618/04/2 to focus on bottom-up participation, non-formal education approach and the Anti-Rumours strategy developed within the Council of Europe, taking advantage of this two years project designed to combating phenomena of hatred, intolerance and discrimination by valuing diversity in all its meanings and promoting cultural, social and economic interaction, in order to promote the consolidation of an inclusive society in 5 different cities in Italy, including Reggio Emilia.

We have in fact the chance to gather together on a very powerful day for Italy, the 25th of April, the Day of the Liberation from the nazi-fascist regime. This means that we’ll have the occasion to reflect on these topics while also looking at our not so distant past to analyse the structural causes behind our common struggles.

To facilitate our common work and to collect as much inspiration as possible, the event features speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions with experts, practitioners, and activists from various fields and backgrounds, who will share their insights and experiences on how to promote diversity and combat rumours, discrimination and hate speech in a changing world.

So don’t miss your chance! Save the date and join us for this unique and enriching opportunity to learn, exchange, and connect with people who are interested in contrasting stereotypes and hatred in our societies.

Duration: 5 nights.

Check-in: 22nd of April

Check-out: 27th of April

    • Participation Fee: Attendance is completely free.
    • Age Restriction: Preference is given to delegates under 30 due to donor restriction.
    • Capacity: Accommodation and food will be provided for 50 delegates
    • Conference Venue: Sessions will be held at the conference room on 23rd, 24th, 26th of April. An outside program will be organized on the 25th, the Day of the Liberation
    • Travel Reimbursement: Full reimbursement for up to 300 Euros per participant. When arranging your travel, please try to be as economical and reasonable as possible due to our tight budget. Reimbursement will be provided within a few days after the end of the conference, given all required proofs are accepted by UNITED.
    • Hybrid Solution: We’re pleased to offer a hybrid attendance solution, allowing for both in-person and virtual participation.

Our mission is urgent; our cause is just, and together, we are unstoppable!

Please use our form to nominate. We look for experienced partners and those who want to learn and be mindful that applications will close on March 25th at 23.59 CET time.

Contact us at if you have further questions!

We look forward to seeing you in Reggio Emilia!
UNITED for Intercultural Action, Budapest Secretariat


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