Financial Information for the UNITED Conference in Budapest:

Financial Conditions: 



    • Participation Fee: Attendance is completely free.
    • Age Restriction: None. This time all ages, without limits are welcome
    • Capacity: Accommodation will be provided for 30 participants. However, food and programs can cater to up to 75 attendees.
    • Accommodation: Complimentary for participants. 

 Duration: 3 nights.

Check-in: 27th November.

Check-out: 30th November.

    • Conference Venue: Sessions will be held at the conference room on 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th November. Optional programs on 1st December will be organized outside the conference venue.
    • Travel Reimbursement: Full reimbursement for up to 275 Euros per participant. When arranging your travel, please try to be as economical and reasonable as possible due to our tight budget. Reimbursement will be provided within a few days after the end of the conference, given all required proofs are accepted by UNITED.
    • Hybrid Solution: We’re pleased to offer a hybrid attendance solution, allowing for both in-person and virtual participation.


Note: We sincerely apologize for the limited budget and mixed solution. We deeply value the support of our network and the unique ambiance that Budapest brings to this gathering. We hope the experience in Budapest will be worth your efforts and resources if you decide to join.


For nominees who either opt out of the accommodation provided by us or aren’t selected for it, rest assured: we will assist in locating a nearby budget-friendly accommodation for you. Given our central location, you’ll benefit from easy access to all events. Detailed information will be provided to ensure your stay is not only economical but also convenient and enjoyable.


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