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A Call for Action: Working in Partnership to Tackle Discrimination in Sport

March 10, 2015 /// 00:00

Panel Session One: Stamping out Discrimination in Sport – Towards a National Action Plan • Raise Public and Professional Awareness and Understanding of Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and Transphobia in Sport Practice for CCTV and ANPRForthcoming Events
Surveillance by Consent: After the Code of
27th January 2015
• Challenging the Behaviour of Participants and Spectators – Ensuring Abuse is Dealt with Quickly, Robustly and Visibly; Adopting Stiffer Penalties • Consider How to Support Effective and Appropriate Policing of Abusive Maintenance: Towards a Long-Term
Behaviour at Games, in the Community and on the Internet • Explore Working with the Media to Address Racist, Homophobic and Sexist Discrimination within Sports Coverage and Encourage the Promotion of Under- represented Sports • Discuss How to Build Strong Leadership – Widening the Diversity of Board Members, Managers and Coaches, Improving Training of Officials; Providing a Supportive Environment for Players
Panel Session Two:
From Rhetoric to Reality – Working in Partnership to Foster Inclusion and Challenge Prejudice at Grass Roots Level
• Analyse How to Promote Inclusivity in Amateur Clubs – Building Capacity through Community Based Events, Providing Clear Reporting Avenues, Ensuring Diversity Training for Coaches
• Discuss Ways to Encourage Female and LGBT Participation in Sports – Dispelling Stereotypes, Providing Role Models and Mentoring, Promoting Gender Mix Sports/Competitions
• From Disability to Ability – Improving Disabled Access to Sports, Changing Attitudes • Assess Tackling Racist and Homophobic Bullying in Schools and Sports Clubs through Education and a Zero-Tolerance Approach • Assess How to Improve Partnership Working between Sports Delivery Agencies and Clubs, Schools, Local Government and Third Sector – Developing Joint Projects, Sharing Resources


March 10, 2015