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Supporting Refugee and Asylum-seeking Women: Celebration

April 23, 2015 /// 00:00

Participation fee: voluntary donationThe IARS International Institute is pleased to invite you to our “Abused No More” celebration event held in support of the achievements of refugee and asylum seeking women.
The event culminates the organisation’s 3 year Comic Relief funded Refugee and Asylum-seeking project through which they developed an evidence-based, user-led training and awareness-raising programme focusing on the impact of gender-related violence on refugee and asylum-seeking women, and the need for a gender-sensitive treatment of this group.
Hosted by IARS Trustees and under the direction of Dr. Natalia Paszkiewicz and refugee women, they hope to bring you an exciting evening of engagement and empowerment through a line up of esteemed speakers, social enterprises, as well as an Amnesty UK theatre performance highlighting the voice of women:
The event will be showcasing ‘Even if we lose our lives’ by Ice & Fire, a collaboration with Amnesty UK, intended as a resource to support Amnesty’s on-going campaign to end violence against women in Afghanistan. The script is drawn from in-depth interviews with three Afghan women fighting for peace and protection for women’s rights.
There will be a motivational talk by Sarian Kamara, a case worker for victims of crime, FGM facilitator, and a campaigner against FGM.
The organisers will be providing a platform for inspiring social enterprises including:
Chickpeas Sisters: a group of refugee and migrant women who aim to provide empowerment through their organisation, by giving women the necessary business skills to excel in the catering industry whilst allowing them to earn money doing something they love.
HOPE jewellery: working with survivors of Human Trafficking, and victims of sexual and domestic abuse in South Yorkshire, with the aim of providing skills, knowledge, training, and confidence to be able to support themselves and their family financially in the future.
A variety of stalls by the women themselves, an auction as well as other engaging activities on the programme, giving you an opportunity to win prizes you won’t want to miss.
IARS look forward to welcoming you on what looks to be a great evening for an even greater cause, as we come together to not only learn from what these women have survived, but also celebrate what they have achieved since, and support them in what they hope to accomplish in the future.
Time: 18.00-21.00


April 23, 2015
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