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The Future of Europe – The Europe of the Future? – International Conference

September 19, 2016 /// 00:00

In co-operation with the European Greens and DiEM25 we are holding an international conference titled ‘The Future of Europe – The Europe of Future?’ in Budapest on 19 September 2016. Six roundtable discussions with guests from all over Europe, more than 20 invited speakers, among them leading green and progressive politicians of Europe, including Yanis Varoufakis, former Green minister of finance, founder of DiEM25 as well as Philippe Lamberts, co-chair of the European Greens.Politics is in disarray throughout Europe. The current institutions of the EU have proven ineffectual in stopping the social and economic deterioration engulfing the continent. The parties of social democracy are in a decline, greens and liberals are stagnating if not worse. The rising radical right ceased to be an Eastern-European curiosity. The Syriza government with its social democratic crisis management programme in Greece has been forced to back down by Brussels showing an example for like-minded political experiments. At the same time, the EU appears to be weaponless against illiberal governments. What is the progressive answer for Europe’s problems? Is Europe bound to repeat the 1930s? How would a sustainable Europe look like? What have green parties and the new left to offer? What is the lesson for Hungary? Is there a future for green or new left politics in Hungary?