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TRAYCE – Training of Trainers for Youth in the Council of Europe

June 12, 2015 /// 00:00June 23, 2015 /// 00:00

Participation fee: 60 EurosThroughout this training course, 25 participants will:
-gain a good understanding of the Council of Europe’s institutional framework, values, principles and practices underlying non-formal education with young people in the Council of Europe and in developing coherence and consistent non-formal education training activities;
-develop competences to design, run and evaluate non-formal education and training activities at European level, based on an adequate needs analysis and using appropriate methodologies;
-explore the notion of quality in non-formal education and training activities and how to apply it;
-advocate the role of training and non-formal education within the current priorities of European and national youth policies;
-reflect on the ethical, professional and social implications of working as a trainer in non-formal education;
-learn how to guide and facilitate intercultural processes in non-formal education settings;
-learn how to manage a non-formal education and training project effectively;
-reflect on the contribution of non-formal education and training to the development of a human rights culture.