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Vigil for Peace and Respect

January 26, 2015 /// 00:00

Hand in Hand has explicitly condemned the attacks in Paris and at the same time warned of a possible rise in racism and the risk of a dangerous polarization in our society between Muslims and non-Muslims. Many opinion makers follow us herein and call not to make generalisations about an entire population group, and not to create scapegoats for the crimes of a few fanatics. Besides, these terrorists want nothing more than to divide society in order to gain more followers.Unfortunately, at the other end of the political spectrum there are also groups that want just more spin from these developments by deliberately stirring up fear and mistrust among the people. Specifically, the so-called Flemish Pegida” (inspired by Germany) an event in Antwerp “for freedom and against Islamisation” on Monday 26th January. The mere fact that the murdered Parisian police officer Ahmed was a Muslim is conveniently forgotten.
It is necessary to give a signal to all citizens of this country that we do not let us be divided against each other, either by terrorists or by right-wing racists. We are committed to solidarity and against extremism, racism, Islamophobia and discrimination in our society.
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January 26, 2015
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