3in1 Training Course Project – 2023

3in1 is a training course project which aims in order to increase knowledge, skills and experiences over innovative trends, and will give a contribution to improve capacity of youth work and youth organisations.

27 youth workers from 9 different countries, 3 supporting personnel, 3 trainers, 33 people in total will be involved in the project. Experiential learning methods will be used in the project which will be realized with participants from Turkey, Armenia, Czechia, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

Plogging, upcycling and gamification concepts will be processed with theoretical and practical studies in the project with the theme of youth work, non-formal and informal learning, strategies will be developed in behalf of using these learned trends in youth work. During the project, studies will be held on searching new different trends and bringing them into the youth work, too. By these studies, support will be done for diversity of youth work and developing youth policies.

In the short term, our project will give a contribution for young people, who were not previously involved in volunteering activities, and disadvantaged youth groups to get benefit from youth and European opportunities, in the mid term the dissemination of innovative work and its use in youth work, and in the long term it will directly and indirectly contribute developing of youth policies.

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