Hand in Hand for Diversity – European Action Week Against Racism

Published on 24 March 2024

Flyer Hand in Hand in Diversity

Europe faces various forms of racism, xenophobia,anti-migrant, and anti-minority attitudes leading to exclusion, hate speech, and even hate crimes. What is worrying the most is the continuous rise all over Europe of racist and extreme right political movements and -parties as well as the more and more discriminatory discourse used by mainstream political parties.

That’s why we wanted to publish this leaflet in combination with our campaign #MakeyourMark, to call people to advocate for anti-racism and inclusion ahead of the European Elections of 2024 and to stress the need to put these topics on everyone’s agenda, considering all the people are called out to vote this year.

Racism is not just a local issue: we have to campaign on the local, regional and European level to set this agenda.

So help us in this effort, read our publication and find the inspiration to design and launch your own initiatives, we are here to support, Hand in Hand for Diversity.



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