REFUGIN Manual of Good Practices

Published on 8 January 2024

Manual of Good Practices REFUGIN Project

This practical guide summarizes the results of a literature search and online survey realized by each partner country of the REFUGIN project :France, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Moldova and Poland.
This project aims to foment the active engagement and impact of educational and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) professionals working with young refugees, striving to improve these refugees’ sustained integration in the medium-to-long-term by developing sustainable innovative training programmes for schools and NGOs professionals, to improve their competencies and cooperation, ultimately promoting more tolerant and inclusive societies.

The Manual of Good Practices offers valuable informations into the role of educators and NGOs in government integration efforts, shares best practices in key integration areas across participating project countries, and provides practical advice for educators and NGOs working with young refugees.

You are welcome to download this Manual to improve your knowledge and capacities when it comes to the integration of young refugees, taking into account that the REFUGIN project is still ongoing and you can get in touch with us to be part of it and to join its community’s platform. So don’t miss this chance and #stayunited!


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