Views from the Field: What Does Europe Mean for the European Youth?

Published on 16 September 2022

This document provides a summary of the 7 U4EU Community Dialogue Events, the Info Day and the Youth Workshop that were organised during the implementation of the project Youth Debating the Future of Europe (U4EU) in nine European countries (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Bulgaria) from September 2021 until June 2022.

During these events, 396 young people (in total) from different EU countries were participating with the purpose to generate a debate about the future of Europe, to provide alternatives to existing problematic situations and to get informed about the project and the importance of volunteering and youth participation.

These events aimed to suggest ways of creating a more democratic Union and to develop stronger sense of ownership about the E.U.

During these events, the Video “What Does Europe Mean to Me…?” that was produced during the first months of the project, was projected and informational lectures about EU institutions and policies were organised.


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